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Gold and Assaults and 'Summerfest' and such (FFXI)

Way too much of my attention has been on Chaser the goldsmithing cat lately. I did the 78 to 80 stretch and spent OMG way too much money. I ran out of synthing materials at 79.8, and be damned if I wasn't going to get to 80, so hit my small stock of plat ingots, doing stupid synths to try to get the last .2. I spent roughly 750K for those last .2 skillups. Was very stupid, but I got 80!

Nimbex was totally right, while it's going to give me grey hair, skilling on elemental ore -> bead is very nice. 7 synths total, 4 skillups, 0 fails! Assuming the prices do not fall (ha ha ha), that'll be about 20K profit per synth. (Two sold, five left to move.) I'm keeping track of profits to see how well I cover any breaks. (A break/ore loss is ~100K loss.)

Yay Assault static started back up tonight! We were going to do two new and two repeats, but we liked Saving Private R-whoever so much we did that four times.

The reward for this haiku writing better be damned, damned good. Midgar sucks at writing them as much as we do at Besieged, and so we're 24th out of 32 servers. I'm figuring we'll probably see what prizes the other servers get and if it's good enough we'll churn out more.

Okay, it's too hot to write more stuff. zzzz

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