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Weekend FFXI foo

Are Corsairs especially good at using bullet points? In no real order:

  • For lack of anything better to do, soloed RNG Saturday morning. Got about 6K XP before watching my moogle spin became the less boring option. Got from 33 to 34.

  • Spent the rest of the day doing nothing. For one hour crafted bullets. No matter what folks are now saying, I'm really not buying this whole new 'full moon is as good as new for HQing' thing. I've done two big runs of synths on full moons and I'm seeing nothing special about them.

  • Both Saturday and today I was up at 6 AM. Very, very annoying. Come back, winter! Let it stay dark and cool in the mornings!

  • Sunday finally caught a Besieged. Sucks that I only catch 2-3 per week. They're still only level 2s though.

  • Did the Mammet CoP BC for naikitty. 1K free limit points is nice.

  • Nicer: Did the XP scroll quest on the way and got 1,300 for RNG.

  • Assault static did two assaults so Des and I could rank up. Or at least once I find the stupid hoofprint I'll rank up to Corporal. Wasn't in Woods or Thickets and didn't feel like hunting places a chocobo couldn't go.

This screenshot makes me very, very happy -- my model in COR AF! Eee, looks good. :D

Totally not ready to go back to work tomorrow. Doesn't really feel like I had much of a weekend. :/

Edit: Hmm, I must not be much of a COR yet. Wonder why there's an extra line break between each bullet point? Takes too much room that way...
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