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New Wings interview, general foo (FFXI)

Getting up at 3 AM for a Besieged always kills the next day for me. Yesterday was no exception. I'm not really sure what happened, most of the day was a daze. Two more Besieged waves hit though and we skilled for a long time. I think we killed every single mob in Gustav Tunnel -- at one point there was 15 people skilling and clearing weapons on EP-- mobs.

Even though the moon isn't great, I made my Amemet Mantle +1 for COR. 1/4 HQ, which works out to the cost of buying the HQ, but it's signed so yay! :)

New Wings interview! Every interview sounds better and better! It keeps sounding like ToAU in a new setting! Besiegeds! Assaults! Even what little they've said on how to open the new jobs looks like ToAU! And no level capped missions! Yay!
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