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Eye break (HP -- no spoilers outside of cut)

I'm very annoyed at Amazon. On the package tracking page, it lists UPS as the sender. It has a UPS tracking number. By 6 PM, UPS still had not come, so I wandered out to check the mail. Turns out it was sent by USPS, not UPS. The book had arrived at 10 AM. I waited eight hours longer than I had to, not wanting to leave earshot of the door so I could sign for the box. Thanks, Amazon.

I'm in the middle of chapter 6, about 100 pages in. I've not read this much (on paper) in such a short time since the last HP book. *rubs eyes* All in all, I like it. I'm not bouncing in my chair, but I'm enjoying it. A couple people have called it 'a really good fanfic', and that description works for me, too.

That being said, if I hadn't been totally spoiled, I'm sure I'd be liking it more. Knowing exactly who dies made chapter five way less dramatic than it might have otherwise been. And knowing that Harry and Ginny get married in the end (*GAG*) makes me roll my eyes everytime I stumble upon some little 'they're falling in love~!' hint. Blech. Also, Fleur's typed out accent, izz zee annoying, yezzz?

I was hoping to finish the book tomorrow, but seeing how I lost most of today, I doubt that'll be happening.


FFXI: Slow day. Caught a Besieged this morning, two more overdue. Did my digging, lost Hot & Cold yet again. Nothing much else.
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