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Can I have a new week, please? *is dead* x.x (FFXI, HP)

Tuesday, 9:30 PM. I'm only just getting my first free time of the week. So very busy, so very dead. x.x

FFXI first! Woke up this morning, logged on, muled the stuff I had no time to mule last night. Ran home from work at lunchtime, did H&C, did digging (crap, but I didn't have time to go to the Desert, just wanted to get my 100 items and be done with it because I knew I'd have no time after work), Besieged hit >< but how can I skip those? But I had to go back to work in the middle of it anyway. Got home from work, sat right down at the computer, packed for static.

I hate to say it, but I'm not liking the job change that 40 brings to COR. I feel like a mage. :/ I don't have time to DD much anymore. Keeping four rolls up on our party is a major challenge -- I think will be impossible unless I let some people miss some rolls (Nai when she's pulling and Dani... well... will almost always miss the second MP roll). There's no way I can do the two MP rolls between fights (fight, roll, fight, roll) and keep melee rolls up. For the first time in many many levels, I really wish COR was more like BRD. :/ The one roll per minute thing is just such a pain. Plus, being the only dispeller in our group, I'm back to never taking my eyes off the chat log. Such a mage.

I'm hoping once I get Slug Shot at 50-whatever that the job will turn back to more DDish. I really wonder what I would have thought of COR if I hadn't leveled BRD first. I bet doing COR before BRD would have been the better way -- once you got to BRD maybe you'd be more bored without DDing, but the freedom of endless rolls/songs, being able to do them one right after the other, with next to no cooldown, would seem like a great thing.

I think the roll priority will be:
1) Evokers (refresh) on Des and Dani (WHM and PLD).
2) Melee so-- ha ha, rolls, not songs.
3) Healer's (MP+ while sitting) on Des

Dani's second roll can be whatever of the melee rolls happens to hit her. If you guys have an issue or see a better way, please tell me! I'm as new to this as you are. :)

Anyway, back to busy day. Once the static ended, ran off to do AF1. COR AF1 was by far the hardest AF1 I've ever done. Heck, it was the hardest quest I've done. An hour and a half of non-stop work, two trips through the Mire/Reef (including one stop to get a second fang key -- you need two), a very hard (for a DRK) fight.

While I feel silly to have done so, I needed to use major meds to survive the fight. Went in with 300% TP and my NPC (healer). Tried to keep shadows up, but I suck so much at that. c.c Used a Wing for extra TP near the end (at 10% it spams draining moves). Used a number of hi pots (and x-pots +3s I had on hand from H&C).

While doing my Mire/Reef runs I used a stack of oils and powders and two reraise charges. (Is all this not insane for AF1?)

But I got my gun! Yay! Next AF piece will unfortunately be a duplicate of tonight. Two runs through the Reef/Mire. Bah.

Dear Corsairs,

Might I interest you in moving your HQ to a nicer place? Say, Ronfaure? East Sarutabaruta? Or hey, the Bastok newbie zone has a view of the ocean! You guys could be happy there!

And bonus, mobs that don't want to eat your face off! Anything that does aggro you can one-shot!


PS: I don't think the Immortals know how to get to any of those places. You could live in peace with the level 1 bunnies and bees and birds and such!


HP! Yay! Why, oh why, did I stop reading HP fanfic? Heck, I stopped reading all fanfic! I forgot how happy Snarry (do we still call it that?) makes me! Got through the first 3 or 4 Tea stories, and eee! Snape/Harry makes me so happy! It makes my insides go eeee! It just seems so right! (And yes yes, all you non-slashers on my flist can twitch here all you like. You don't like it, don't read it. Shush. :) )

Can't wait to finish the series and find more more more!


So hot and tired now, but tomorrow I'm off! Off! OFF! Nothing I have to do on-game! I can actually eat dinner! Shock! I can relax! Amazement! I could (get this) watch TV! Yay! :P

I so need a break on-game. Yay tomorrow! :)
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