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Goldsmithing 82 to 83 numbers (FFXI)

82 -> 83
Total synths: 34 ore -> bead, 8 others
Successes: 32 ore, 8 other
Fails: 2

Profit on sold beads: 125K in hand, 12 unsold beads (110K each, about 10K profit each)
Losses on failed synths: 200K

Total cost of level: Not a loss! Yay! About 100K profit maybe!


81 -> 82
Total synths: 30
Successes: 26
Fails: 4

Profit on sold beads: 190K
Losses on failed synths: 400K

Total cost of level: 210K

80 -> 81
Total synths: 35
Successes: 29
Losses: 6

Profit on sold beads: 260K
Losses on failed synths: 540K

Total cost of level: 280K

First level where I made profit! Yay! The 8 'other' synths were ori ingots (needed to process the ores to make space). Losing only 2 elemental ores out of 34 rocks!

Unfortunately I have 12 ores to move. I've been being bad and buying more ores before the beads sell, so they're stacking up.

Four more levels of ore -> bead, then on to something else!
Tags: ffxi:gold skillpath
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