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I just don't understand... (FFXI)

Last night was the perfect circumstances for Besieged. Fully in Japan-time (started at 1:30 AM PST, ended at 3 AM PST), zone was full (700+ players). You couldn't ask for better conditions. Yet not only did we lose, we lost badly. Even halfway through it was easy to see we were going to lose this.

With two generals still standing, Parade was packed with unclaimed mobs. Countless NMs. Generals fell one by one, the last one falling right next to the Hall of Binding (so the mobs didn't even have to go far to get to the AC).

I don't understand how our server can lose so often (it's a weekly event!) while other servers lose so rarely (and one is still undefeated). I just don't understand it.

It's been a long time (weeks? months?) since I've had fun at a Besieged. I go because I feel like I "should" (and the XP bonus is the only way I get merits). This always-losing is killing even the "should go" feelings I have.

I can't believe I slept until 9:30 this morning (though my cat woke me up a number of times). I can't remember the last time I slept until 9:30. People will laugh, but I feel like I slept the whole day away. (I've not slept later than 8 in many, many, many years.) I blame someone destressing me so well yesterday~. Probably had me relaxes enough that I could go back to sleep over and over. :) And everyone would probably thank you, as I would have been mighty grumpy today if I was dealing with 3 hours of sleep as I had intended to be. :P

I'd like to think that there's some bug in the code that makes Besieged harder for some servers than others, but I can't really believe that. We just suck. We suck badly. We're, what, the second worst server at Besieged? That pains me, almost as much as it does that SE is weakening Besieged (sorry to you, servers who actually can handle it as-is).

Blarg. At least good stuff is happening today and I won't have to worry that a Besieged attack will come during them! Fenrir fight and then the last mission ToAU fight. I don't really have a list of goals on the game, but it always seemed to me that Fenrir was a fight everyone should do eventually, so I'm glad to be getting it done. Wish I could pick the purple puppy as my prize, I really really do, but that earring is going to rock for COR, so I want to get that first.

Besieged, Besieged, Besieged! I think this post has the most uses of that word ever~
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