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Things looking up! (FFXI)

Chaser hit goldsmithing 84 tonight! Woo! I am so very sick of ice beads. I know I should be happy since in theory I can be skilling and making profit, but the darned things need to sell for me to make money! And stop being returned! (I lose 1,300g in listing fees for every returned bead -- and they're returned often!)

I only lost one bead (100K) this level. I made roughly 260K so far, so that means about 160K profit. But much of that money was made from beads synthed in the last level, plus I have about 15 beads I need to sell made in this level. About 30 bead synths done total, but I'm tossing in other synths when I can, too.

On the Thistle front, things are going well! Just over 2K XP from Escort and Eco tonight = RNG 36! One more level (about 4K XP) needed, then it'll be done! And tomorrow is COR static, yay! Can't wait to level more! Getting so close to AF!

Fenrir says "Raurrrgggh!" This Sunday we're making another Fenrir run, so I'll be able to get him as a summon! Yay! While it was the right choice to get the earring first, I really really want to have him as a summon, too.

And I won the prize in Summerfest! "What prize?! There's no prizes other than silly food!" I got to go to the Reef! The zone I wanted to be able to take time and explore! I spent nearly an hour wandering around. :) At least until a soulflayer ate me. It really is one of my favorite zones, so much character! So much to see! Just wish it wasn't full of such horrible mobs. :P

And okay, okay. Nai wanted me to post this. My friend Deven~! Heeheehee. :D <3

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