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Pow! Pow! (FFXI)

Dead tired but good day. COR static went from 40 to 43. I'm happy to see that my refresh can mostly keep up with the needs of a PLD and WHM (though we were a little high for the area, so we'll see how it goes when we're fighting stronger mobs). 50 50 50! Want 50! JSE with yummy ratt (not to mention, darned good looking!) plus the start of AF!

Last week I was having issues with COR being too magely, but I didn't see that this week. But it's unfair though! To make a DD have to pick between a good bit of damage (thunder shot) and dispel/no damage (dark shot). :P I know dispel is better for the group, but it's not as fun as doing more damage than my sucky WSs do!

And in other happy news, after hitting 84 yesterday, Chaser hit gold 85 today! Yay! And I didn't make one darned bead! It was a semi-cheap level, but only because I had a crapload of stuff on hand. I bought one stack of gold ingots (210K), and used 1.5 stacks I had on hand. Those got me to .9, then I used some other stuff I had been saving and did one last synth which got me the .1! So so so nice to get a whole level in one night and no darned beads to pile up to sell! But now I'm going to force myself to wait and skill again on beads. Or that's the plan, anyway...

Tomorrow is free, yay! Tired, need a night off on-game. Thursday is Assault static! Yay!

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