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Craving food I wouldn't eat (RL)

The oddest thing has been going on with me lately: I've been craving(?) food I'd never eat. I can always use the 'meat craving' feeling to know when I'm not eating right. Today was especially bad: biscuit for breakfast, "pickle sandwich" for lunch (free lunch at work, but it was all sandwich meats, so I took bread and put pickles and mustard on it), a ton of popcorn when I got home so I wasn't hungry for dinner and just had a tiny bit of pasta with a bit of sauce. Very little protein and, well, very little of anything else.

So now I'm sitting here thinking of the time all those years ago I made some sort of meat in the slow cooker. Put a chunk of some cheap cut into the crock pot, pour in a bunch of BBQ sauce, let cook for 10 or so hours on low. When it was done, it fell apart when touched with a fork.

Even if I had that sitting here in front of me now, there's no way I could put meat into my mouth. (Eek ack blech yuck.) So it's odd to be thinking of it almost... fondly? Not exactly like I miss it, but... I have no idea how to describe it. Sort of like craving it, but how can you crave something you wouldn't willingly eat?

Tomorrow I have to eat better, for sure. I skipped the farmer's market on Sunday, but I have to go next time (and today's only Monday, bah).

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