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Busy day (FFXI)

Before FFXI foo, a funny link! A final project for a college-level multimedia production class: Mac vs PC done in South Park style! Very very funny. :D


Surprise, surprise, we lost Undead Besieged today. It was hopeless from the start (level "10" attack, 8++, advanced at 200). They advanced with about 160 people in the zone, attacked at barely over 200 people, and we battled most of the time with 300. Near the end we got up to almost 350, but there's no way that's enough.

On the positive side, I saw the last HNM! Nemean Lion is easily the least impressive of the three, but I'm happy I spotted him. Shot one, shot two. It was hard to get good screenshots, I didn't want to die to get a good picture (which is why I'm leveling Corsair, not Reporter!).

He's an odd looking critter, but nothing will ever match Hydra filling Parade.

In other news:

Yay! And wow, I loved that quest! Such a nice storyline! Typical ToAU: Funny and sweet. :D I never really thought of the Mire as a pretty place, but I love all the CSs that take place on the lilypads -- no spoilers, I blurred out the text. Especially taken out of context, this is the best CS choice ever... eh, I sized it to use IMG tags, but I suppose I'll link it instead in case some might consider any info from a CS is spoiler. What wll you do? Haha!

Lastly, Seww you got yourself a NM, did you? Fish are silly, but we had to kill him for Dani's mermaid part.
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