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Movies and FFXI (Still not improving my subject lines for lolmacros!)

Movie #1: On Friday I finally (finally!) saw Order of the Phoenix. I'm happy it was still in theaters! Even though it almost wasn't. Know how multiplexes have those tiny little theaters farthest from the lobby? Mostly for companies to rent for meetings or whatever? That's where it was showing. No surround sound, surprisingly tiny screen for a multiplex, seating maybe 100 people? But theater aside, loved the movie so much! The casting rocked, I loved every choice!

Umbridge was so amazingly evil! So horribly pink! And all those kitten plates! Heh!
Luna was so sweet and perfect! Loved her!
It surprised me how much I liked Black. I hated him in the books, but in the movie... mmm. Even if he is an evil horrible childish bully~!
Bellatrix Lestrange was the best though. So damned amazingly sexy and yet so insane anyone would run the other way. Loved her licking her dark mark!

Unfortunately the popcorn was stale. $5 for a small stale popcorn. :/ I love movie theater popcorn (when it's fresh!) and only get it once a year or so, so it's sad when it's not worth eating.

Movie #2: I'm finally getting to see Snakes on a Plane. As my expectations were amazingly low, I'm actually sort of enjoying it. I'm glad I didn't pay to see it in the theaters though.


FFXI: Got Chaser's gold to 90 today. Feels so slow though. :/ I want to get it done with so I can move on to a nicer craft. Unfortunately the worst is coming up -- from level 95 on, each synth will cost about 380K. I can't even imagine that. :/ Like beads, the finished product will sell for not too much less (50K or so less), assuming the prices stay about the same. (And look how well bead prices remained the same! ; ; )

I can't decide which craft to do next. I'm thinking cloth would be a nice break. For bone I'll need to move a mule to Windy and I don't want to do that yet. Smithing I don't feel like doing, so cloth it likely will be. (Alchemy and cooking are at the very bottom of the list.)

On Thistle, for lack of anything else to do, I camped the Aroma Fly for his RSE sachet. Went 1/5, which is pretty good?

Other than that, I tried to farm and make money. Didn't really feel like it, but did it anyway. Lack of money is what's holding up goldsmith leveling, so... gotta make money.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting!

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