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Stupid brain, stupid me (RL, FFXI, whine!)

I need a new brain. I've been having nightmares every night for two or three weeks now. I already don't sleep well, but now I don't want to sleep. Mumble. Enough! Just stop it!

Probably related to that, I made a really bad mistake on-game this morning. I finally had two ori ingots, but I didn't want to synth them into a ring last night because it was new moon. So this morning, 6 AM, after an hour or two of nightmare-filled so-called sleep, I synthed them. Into a orichalcum chain. Wrong damned crystal used = a 400K worthless item. (They're used in one single item and never sell at the AH -- whole history has 6 listings, half from 2006, last one from June, one listed now.)

I suppose I'll try desynthing the chain, if they can be (I strongly doubt it).

In somewhat better news, there's a new version of windower out. It comes with auto-sort for your inventory! How cool is that? Also, those distance and recast plugins are included, which is really cool. This is how I play COR: Arrive at camp, hit ctrl-j to open the abilities menu, close it when we finish XPing for the night. I'm so sick of having that menu up all the time, but fricking rolling timing is so damned... well, whatever. Not going to rant (more) at 8 AM.
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