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Warning: MUSH-related rant. Read or not, as you wish.

I really, really do not understand some people. You take a job as a staffer on a MUSH. You fill out a long-ass application to become a staffer. You are given training. You are told 'Any questions or problems at all, no matter how big or small, talk to me'. You are told 'If RL ever gets bad and you need time off, just ask'. And yet you still flake.

One of my staffers decided to stop logging on about two weeks ago. Not a word, not a peep, she just decided to say 'fuck it' and not show up anymore. She had responsibilities on the MUSH. We were depending on her to do some things. She told me to my face that she would do them.

And, of course, she flaked.

I understand that working on a MUSH is an unpaid job (believe me, I've been running the place for years, I know it's unpaid). However, at least on my MUSH, the staffers are all friends. We laugh together, we joke together, we work together. When someone is depressed, we call them on the phone. We have little parties. Sometimes I feel like we're a family. And then something like this happens, and it seems worse than just some asshole being worthless and not doing the tasks she *agreed* to, it feels like a betrayal of a friendship.

A staffer can quit at any time. No one *has* to work on my MUSH or any MUSH. But you know what? Don't fucking LIE to me about it. Don't PROMISE me crap and then not do it. Don't SWEAR UP AND DOWN that you'll do something and then just vanish. And oh, don't you dare tell me that you can't be online so much anymore, when you were online for more than SIX HOURS when I found you elseMU*.

Well, dear, you lived up to what your staff login was, didn't you? Female dog indeed.

Normally I would make something staff-related a friends-only post, but this one I'm leaving open to the public. I hope you read this, dear. I hope you feel bad about it. The worst thing a person can do to me is try to hurt my MUSH, and you attempted just that.

I also hope you're this responsible in the rest of your life. I hope you do this in your RL jobs. I hope life screws you over just as badly as you tried to screw us over.

Go to hell, you lying, lazy, sorry excuse for anything. While I won't take your IC logins off the MUSH until they idle out (See? *I* follow the rules), I hope never to see your face again. Ever.
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