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Zoom zoom COR! (FFXI)

Quickie post, so tired. zzz I see I have a bunch of comments to reply to, but had no time today. Will tomorrow, promise! <3 everyone.

COR static rocks. Got two levels and a bit again tonight! Hate GC, but the XP rocked. Our random SAM was lol and sucked (who the hell doesn't carry oils/powers at level 50? Plus, you know, 2 WSs before the THF SATAs onto the PLD...), but we replaced him with a cute JP Taru BLU and that worked out well.

50 meant I could use my JSE (+7 ratt!) and switch from baby bullets to iron, but oddly I saw almost no difference in damage. c.c Sad.

Started AF! WOO! However, next time someone says the Mire is overcrowded, I'm going to kick them. Two of my three trips through it (evening PST) had no one killing imps! Darned imps in my way all over the place! One more trip through the Mire/Reef tomorrow (thankfully doesn't have to be on COR!), then will be done with the hard part of the AF! Woo! The three remaining pieces will have RL hours of travel, but that's fine and dandy. Every piece (including the one I'm working on now) has a 'wait until JP midnight' in it, so all the traveling has to be done twice. Still: Better than coffers! Can't wait for the AF3 fight, too. :D

Dani gave Nai who gave me a screenshot of this datmod for girl elves. Mmmm. I know I don't say this very often, but those are some nice boobs!

As a not-wedding-present (because why would Thistle give her one~), I got Nai the snake hat she wanted. It looks very silly on me, but better on her! "Hello, my name is Nai, and this is the 6 o'clock news...

Other stuff might have happened today, but zzz now. <3 everyone!
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