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TV: Thinking that Torchwood was starting at 8, I flipped over to BBC America. Turns out the new Doctor Who was on first, so I left it on. Oh my, the new doctor guy is really rather hot! The whole show seems really interesting (loved the cougar nurse thingies). I'm going to try to catch it more in the future.

Torchwood starts soon! Hope it's not edited for television. (BBC America seems to show stuff normal US channels won't, so hopefully it'll be unedited.) I haven't seen a single ep of it yet, so hoping it'll be as good as my flist has said.


Caught all three Besieged waves today, one level 7 and two 8s. Made almost 5K XP! o.O Most XP I've made in one day in a long, long, long time. They're so easy now, too. In the 'old style' ones I was tired/stressed/worn out after two level 8 attacks, but three of the new kinds? Fine and dandy.

Between attacks I spent more gil than I wanted, but got something good. Deadeye Gloves for COR! They even look good on! You can see fingers and everything. :D I had to pay over AH history (by more than I usually would), but COR AF gloves are poo and there aren't many/any good buyable ones. (The slow on them should be mostly harmless. It doesn't affect JAs, and I don't often get to shoot many times in a row.)

Can anyone tell me what this means? Some guy just /telled it to me.

In the evening, Nai got married to an icky elf with stupid hair. Thistle went to the wedding, even though it killed him. :/ (And if that makes no sense to you, just ignore this paragraph. All IC. :) ) On the plus side, since he would ICly have slipped out of the wedding as soon as it was over, I got to catch enough of the last Besieged attack to get full points! :P People probably think that's why I left fast, but it really wasn't.

And lastly, an amusing screenshot from three(?) years ago. Fishing at 'CTY pond' -- but fishing for what~? I miss Boose. :/
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