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The Pokemo-- The Pit (FFXI)

For those playing at home: The Pit is Pokemon in FFXI-land. You go out and catch a monster (capture its 'soul'), then you catch other monsters so you can teach the first monster abilities/jobs/traits/whatever. Then you toss your beloved pet into a cage to get its ass kicked by something 974917501 levels higher than you!

After reading everything I could get my hands on, and my very limited experience last night (how the bloody hell do some people have 175+ wins already? I only had 3 matches total! 1 single win!), I have a general idea of what my monster should be.

Base monster: ???
Main job: DRK
Support job: ??? (WAR? NIN? THF?)
Job trait: Dragon Killer (This is a must!)
Ability: Instant Dread Spikes (Thus the need for DRK main.)

Something like double/triple attack up would be handy, if I have enough FP for an extra move.

The question is what to use as my base monster. The smartest thing would be to grab something in Besieged (and everything attacked overnight while I slept, grrrrrrr), since those would be highest level in the game. What I'd like would be a rabbit, coeurl, tiger, or manticore. Problem is, you seem to need a high level mob to get a high level fighter -- I'm not staring out with level 5 again! I suppose if I got something from Besieged it would be a raptor (that's about the only interesting non-beastman there).

Unfortunately, by the middle of the evening last night, I was getting my usual Pokemon icky 'This just isn't right...' feelings. I know they're not real living things, and even if they were real living things they're monsters and we kill them for XP and stuff, but how's it right to toss a living, feeling creature into a cage to fight some other creature to the death? (KO, whatever.) In Pokemon they're your friends, which is worse than FFXI's The Pit, but still. It bothers me RL/OOCly. :/

COR static tonight, yay! Hopefully we'll get to wear our first pieces of AF. Unfortunately COR's 52 and 54 pieces are worthless. :/ Try them on once to see what they look like, then toss them onto the mannequin and never take them off again. 56 is very useful boots, 58 is the frac/jacket, and 60 is sexyhat! 60 is also my deadeye gloves, woo.

52 is also Drachen Roll (enhances pet magic attack and magic accuracy for party members within area of effect), but I don't own the die for it yet. 82,500 gil for the die. Pet only, magic attack and acc up. Seems so useless for so much money. :/ I might still get it though. :/ Stupid die.

Slept like crap last night. Took me two hours to fall asleep (would have had five hours of sleep if I fell asleep right away), kept waking up. Had four nightmares, which is a tad excessive.

Lots of screenshots at home, but no time to process them yet. Sooner or later!
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