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Rushed (FFXI)

I wrote a whole long post, then deleted it all. Here's the shorter and less whiny version.

Didn't have time for any Pit-related stuff yesterday. Didn't have even a minute all day to do anything other than scheduled stuff. (Unless online grocery shopping counts -- I should have gone shopping weeks ago, but haven't had time.)

Most of COR static (5/6 members) hit 52 last night, though we had to run almost an hour longer to do it. Was a much rougher time than usual. That marks the end of two levels per week though, for sure. That's sad but expected -- that we were still getting two levels a week (three hour long static) was sort of surprising.

It's been four days since I caught a Besieged. Mumble, grumble, grr.

Tonight I'm thinking of going up Uleguerand Range to try to catch a Molech (and bunnies and stuff). This will be a highly amusing experience as I have zero sense of direction, suck at aggro dodging (one day I'll learn to play in third person), and hate having to sneak/invisible to get anywhere. So basically, Uleguerand Range is one big happy funzone for me. :P But I'll go on RDM, which can die endlessly. One death will delevel me to 62, but I really don't care about the job.

There! Same info, 95% less whining~!

Edit: Eeee! I went from only being able to hit two birds in the 'bunny jumping on bells' game to hitting eight!

PS: MS Paint sucks for editing images. :P
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