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XPing me, XPing mobs

Corsair static was rough today. We seemed to be a tad low for crabs, but there was basically no other choice on where to go. I couldn't hit anything. c.c I missed probably 19/20 shots. Eventually I just stopped shooting. I kept saying to myself 'I feel so useless! Just like a BRD!' which I know people would have hit me for. :P

Once we leveled up things got much better and I was back to hitting more. We all(?) dinged 53 before we stopped. One more level and the most useless bit of Corsair AF (gloves), then 56, 58, and 60 are all useful stuff!

On Midgar, The Pit is getting better. (I hear tell that other servers are still the same as opening days.) My monster, a level 18 DRK/WAR Qutrub, isn't working out though. DRK + Qutrub = it bumps into a wall and falls over dead. You can't get any less defense than that! I just hate to start over now though, I've put so many hours into him and he got ten levels!

Question is, what to use. Mandies seem to be the new wyverns. (So nice that no one uses wyverns anymore!) Mandies can be good though... A bunny has always been on my list, as has a coeurl. (I still have level 8 Ose in my safe.) I'm strongly wondering how a crab would do though, and it'd be easy to go get a Steelshell in the Tree.

There are just so many options, it's so hard to decide. Have to pick a mob, then a job (and subjob and job traits are options), skills, then hours leveling them up...

I'm just happy all this is an option. While the wait times are usually still at maximum, outside of Diablo (champion) ring, you can usually get a fight without spamming.

If Catlove is still down tomorrow, I'll have to contact my webhosting people.
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