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Beware the "Arians"!

I love my region in NationStates. In general, it's full of smart, funny, non-typing-challenged folks. A few days ago the "Republic of The Arians" moved in. Around the same time, we needed someone else to join the UN for us. (None of us really wants to do it, as it tends to affect your country too much.) The following exchange occured:

Republic of The Arians posted:
I strongly desegree that the Grand Duchy of Bulbous of Gluttony is the best nominee as a UN delegate!

We the honourable people of The Federation of The Arians object the thought of having them as representatives for Zanzibar!

The Third Reich Will Once Again Dominate The Faith of Our World! And I Reichmarskalk Hiller will become the soul World dominator

The Dictatorship of Zigg posted:
*coughs* World Dominator? Shall I call my army to action and activate my nuclear weapons? Your punt country of a mere 7 million is nothing. A dictator must consider the ramifications of his words before he speaks them.
The Dictatorship of Zigg wishes to remind the region of its commitment of backing The Grand Duchy of Bulbous of Gluttony as UN Delegate.

The Republic of Farkistonia posted:
The Republic of Farkistonia notes The Republic of The Arians misspelling of 'Aryan', and of 'sole'. The Republic of Farkistonia can not support a government that can not buy the Farkistonia SpellChecker (Non Human Resource version) (tm) to review their statements.

Further, the Republic of Farkistonia wishes to point out that Nazis are leftist, and, in this region of rightwing nations, The Republic of Arians should be thoroughly moved away.

And lastly, I posted:
The Confederacy of Habari wonders if the spellingly challenged Republic of The Arians in fact meant "soul" and not "sole". Perhaps the Arians (sic/twitch) wish to conquer some spiritual world and not the physical one?

The Confederacy of Habari seconds the idea put forth by the Republic of Farkistonia: the Republic of Arians should move elsewhere.

Lastly the Confederacy of Habari believes that the Republic of Farkistonia is both funny and cute, and wonders if it would like to join the Confederacy of Habari for a drink sometime?

Hopefully I made someone giggle.
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