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Blah night (RL, FFXI)

(Edit: Best Advertisement Ever. Folsom Street Fair -- May be considered NWS. Advertisement for a gay pride type of event. So amusing, so potentially offensive! Hee! And quite a few hot guys. Mmm.)

Slept like crap last night. Got 2-3 hours of broken, nightmare filled sleep. Very annoying. Was exhausted today. Knock on wood, work wasn't even as bad as usual, but I still couldn't deal with it.

Hours before static, before I knew anything happening on game, I had said I didn't feel like XPing. (A first ever for COR.) Logging on didn't help. All three Besieged waves were at 8! Bah. Three waves attacking back to back! I hadn't seen that since Besieged first started! Three level 8s would have been about 6K in limit points.

On top of that, I couldn't get a damned Pit match pre-static. Only 40 people in the damned zone and I couldn't get a fricking match.

So I went into static in a bad mood, which didn't help my already not really wanting to XP, which didn't help that I was exhausted and grumpy and hungry.

We all hit 54, but I didn't even bother bringing my gloves to try on. They're crap. If you ever see a COR 75 in their AF gloves and pants, kick them. Bring ice for your foot, because there are tons of these wastes around.

Yay learned Slug Shot! Two levels early (54 instead of 56) due to merits and gun belt and stuff. Unfortunately we were XPing on crabs so it didn't do too well. Hate crabs.

Catlove is down again. And idiot me got distracted and didn't make a backup after the last time it was down. >< I had the page open, just got pulled away before I could hit the 'backup' button. :/
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