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Yay day! (FFXI)

It only took a year and three months, but I finally leveled up in chocobo digging! Every day I dig, vacation or work, sick or healthy, weekend or weekday, I never miss a day. And finally, for the first time since the digging nerf, I leveled!

I just need to level once more, and while it will probably take even longer, at least I did finally level once post-nerf so I know it's not broken. :P

A15 is really, really nice. It's like insta-dig as soon as you zone in!

In other news, we battled Fenrir again tonight. I took his stone, even though I don't really need it. The fight was amusing, since I have him dat swapped out for a bunny.

I didn't get any pictures taken today, but meh, whatever. So still no Pit mob, but whatever. I think we're XPing tomorrow (so many day switches, so confused!) so maybe on Friday I'll go take more pictures.

Besieged now, meh.

Wish I'd get over this whole 'meh' thing for FFXI. Maybe I need to go back to skilling Chaser's gold, even though my wallet is so so so so much happper now.

Edit: Oops, I forgot to link to this: Cool art picture! That artist has a great style, love the dark around the eyes (it's in all of his/her pictures.)
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