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The Pit (FFXI)

Short post, because zzz too tired. Trolls advancing though, and since I'm waiting for them, might as well update here! (Edit: Ha ha ha, trolls are slow so I just kept typing and typing. This turned long and they're still not here.)

I finally got a new mob for the pit. Not a speed-bonus MNK like I had wanted (450+ pictures without speed bonus = I give up), but something I figured could stand against the speedy MNK: A psudo-NIN. I don't want a real NIN, since they waste a crapload of attack rounds casting useless spells, so instead I made a mob that's evasive as possible. Well, almost. If he could have been THF/ instead of /THF he'd have a little extra boost, but rabbits can only be WAR/.

WAR/THF, evasion bonus, evasion +10%, AGI +25, insta-blink (will be 5 shadows when fully leveled), WAR traits (for DA goodness, among other things). I'll either add agi bonus or THF job traits depending on if a subjob can apply job traits.

Thus far he's rocking. He can beat mobs 4-5 levels higher than him, and he kicks the asses of anything his own level. Oh, he doesn't hit that hard (though isn't weak either), but nothing can hit him and that's what counts.

Plus, another great thing: I have him set up for the behavior that annoyed the crap out of me when I was leveling my last mob. When someone casts or uses a WS, he sneak attacks! (For some odd reason, in the Pit SA is done from the side instead of the back.) Took me a while to get that set up, but it's totally worth it.

Amusingly, someone had my whole mob idea before me -- the current champ (1000+ wins under his belt!) is a coeurl with what looks like the same setup I have... except a coeurl can be THF main.

My bunny started at level 4 last night and will be 30 by the time I go to bed (he's already entered in the last fight he needs). Going will be slower from now on, as I mostly will have to deal with the champ's cage from now on. However, that'll give me time between matches as well. Today, with the wait time between 9-20 minutes in the low level cages, I got nothing done, was just tied to the Pit all day. With the champ's cage's hour and a half wait between fights, I can actually get stuff done around battles.

I'd like this to be the last mob I ever make, and it may be, but I do have a second one nearly ready to go when this one is finished. (Opo-opo WAR/MNK, auto-regain, en-spell.)
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