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Typical Monday. >< (RL, FFXI, books)

Horrible, horrible day at work. "Typical" horrible, not anything story-worthy. Couldn't wait to come home and log on and relax.

Come home. Log on. Get crap tossed onto me from the moment I'm connected. >< Drama, crap tossing, etc continues for hours from many fronts. Thrilling.


RL: For once, RL is actually the better part of my day. (Other than work...) I've started exercising again, which on one hand sucks, but on the other hand is of course needed. Feels good to be back to it (even though it doesn't feel very good physically...).

Amazingly I actually cooked tonight. I was in the mood for baked ziti and had most of the stuff on hand, so hey. It came out better than stuff I cook usually does, which doesn't mean it was very good but at least I could eat it. (I didn't bother saving the leftovers though, wasn't that good.)


Books: Somehow the past two books I've read seem to tie in with today. :P

The Devil Wears Prada: Very surprisingly, I enjoyed the movie a whole lot, so when the e-book was offered over my flist, I grabbed it. Wow, so different than the movie. The main character was so unlikeable! Sheesh, just about every character was annoying and not someone I could ever like. What kind of book does that? Luckily the story was interesting and I did enjoy it, even though I wanted to strange the main character.

Kitchen Confidential: I'm nearly done with this one, and I can't believe I like the main character even less than the one in Devil. While I just "disliked" her, I have zero respect for Anthony Bourdain and think he's a waste of life. I'm not even enjoying the "story" (there is no story, really), so I'm having a hard time finishing it. What a horrible, horrible person Bourdain is. Not only has he spent half his life high at work (want to do drugs? Fine and dandy, but do them on your own time!), he talks about how he "bullied" (and worse) the restaurant owners he worked for, how much money he wasted for them, etc. It's possible something might turn around in the last quarter of the book and he'll turn out to be a good guy, but I seriously doubt it.

I've heard Bourdain's name mentioned on Food Network, now I wish I could remember if he actually had a show or a special or what. I want to make sure I never, ever watch it.

And lastly, fricking webhosting is STILL down. >< Three and a half days now, and even worse they're ignoring my emails (again). I so need to find new hosting, grrrr.

So all in all: Blah. Bad day and worse night. At least tomorrow has to be better, right? Heh.
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