Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Burning the midnight oil zzz (FFXI)

Level 50 mob #4 in the Pit: Bee. He's working out surprisingly well, especially since I put zero planning or effort into him. He was more of a test to see how a bee would work than a pet I intended to take to 50, but he worked so well that he didn't get tossed out.

WAR (no sub), WAR job traits, en-light (rocks against undead, but great against other things as well), evasion bonus (came with him naturally), blink, stoneskin.

Amsuing story: There's a Galka who stalks me in the Pit. Talks to me endlessly. (Types so poorly it's really, really hard to understand him.) Unfortunately he humps me endlessly (/cheer or whatever), which is annoying as fricking hell. >< He's a kid though, and doesn't stop when asked. Anyway, he brags endlessly to me about his mobs, the damage he does, all that crap. (Would it surprise you if I said he wears all HNM LS crap, too?) Anyway, he was skilling something on his level 50 mob, wanted to "rape" my mob (level 43), so I was like 'Whatever, sure, it's good XP for me'. My mob beat his, 7 levels below, three times in a row! Ha ha ha!

Oops, trolls are here. Other thing of the day: Quested the Aydeewa Subterrane map, which wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

Hopefully everything makes sense and has no typos, just hitting enter!
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