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Wasted weekend, not ready for Monday (Mostly RL)

Whole weekend was mostly one big waste. On-game I leveled PLD from 4 to 8 (zzzz) and for lack of anything better to do, started skilling bonecrafting on Katerwaul. Got her 1-40 (ZZZZZZZ). Busywork, all of it. Boring busywork.

RL I made baked ziti on Saturday and reheated the rest to eat on Sunday. Saturday it was meh (needed to stay in the oven a bit longer, I think), Sunday I put it in the oven for the same amount of time and somehow it rocked. Mmm. Of course it was mostly cheese (three kinds! I don't think I ever even had three kinds of cheese in the house at the same time before!) and sauce, not that much pasta, so that's probably what made it yummier.

After being sick/weak/tired all of last week, I got back to exercising this weekend. I was only sick for the first half of the week, but the second half I was too weak/tired to move more than necessary so exercising was out.

Work is stressing me to hell and back. :/ This coming week is going to be worse than usual, too. I need a vacation otherwise I'm just going to stop showing up at some point. :/

So all in all, sucky weekend leading into a sucky week. Sucky suck suck McSuck Suck.
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