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Let's see if I successfully get this posted this time... (FFXI)

I've started posts three times and each time I closed the window instead of finishing it. Let's see if this one actually makes it up. (Looks like it will, though I edited it to hell and back.)

I haven't been posting much about FFXI lately because I haven't been doing much. Katerwaul finally hit bone 60, that's about the biggest thing. I've spent maybe 80K thus far, though I really could have done it all for free if I had farmed more. 50-60 was nearly free (other than some crystal purchases), but farming was time-expensive. Today alone I spent eight hours in Crawlers Nest killing scorps. c.c Three scorps, kill them, wait 15 minutes, kill them, wait 15 minutes... I wanted to shoot myself. Each scorp dropped two claws and a shell, and all I needed was the shell so I threw out the claws. I spent every free hour this week in CN. I'm really sick of CN and even sicker of scorps.

So much new news today about the expansion pack. Yay for 10 more gobbie bag slots, that'll make chocobo digging easier. (And I wonder if we'll be able to dig in the past?) Both of the new jobs put me to sleep, but then both of the new job AFs looks like crap on male models, so I guess it's good that I'm not excited over them. Campaign looks interesting, like something that will be able to keep me busy.

Pirates of the Caribbean was on again tonight (was on last night as well). Such a good movie. While watching it I stood around in my COR AF, and though that's silly it made me smile. I wish COR had a +movement roll, then I could stay on the job all the time. BRD's Mazurka is just too handy though. :/
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