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Suppose it's time to post about FFXI

Though mostly this is a GIP -- check out my new icon! Even though I did want it as an icon, the larger version is cuter. It's commissioned from mundo_fine, if you want art of your own!

Still not doing much in FFXI-land. Got my two red shades tonight, sent them off to a mule to be held until I can sell them for good money. Red shades are pointless for me, as the "real" shades are much better (I have all three real ones on Thistle, GS shades on Chaser, and in less than a week Kat will have bone shades). COR static hit 61, yay. Assault static went smoothly even though we were down to four this week. Kat is up to bone 63 (slow leveling due to lack of time, not cost or anything -- bone is amazingly silly, I've done 1-63 for way way less than the cost of two gold 90 levels).

Most damage I've ever done as COR, perhaps ever?

I probably came close to that as DRK on qutrubs, but that would have been DRK 75 and COR was 60 at the time.

Best news of the week was that Dani found a dat mod to change COR cards. No more roman numerals! Normal numbers on the cards and in the air! (In the heat of battle I tend to get IV and VI switched, which makes for busts. >< )

That's about it. I'm only getting 4-5 hours sleep a night for the last week or more, so I have no energy and no desire to do much of anything. That's carrying over strongly to FFXI.
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