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FFXI and non-FFXI stuff

Non first: You find the most interesting stuff in Russian LJs! I have no idea what this is, but it's pretty cool. Painting of the most famous people (and some items/animals) ever in history? I'm not really sure that's right though, as I see Bush and Clinton(?) in it. (Is that Clinton? Back row, six from the right, holding up... wheat?) Quite a few sports people, too.


FFXI: Still feeling mostly meh about everything (game and RL, not just game), but good stuff happened today so I figured I should post. Besieged is at its highest level, and we had three back to back ones (amazing, that's happened maybe only once before?) and not only did Midgar win all three, we only lost three generals total (elf in the first one, someone early in the last one, then the RNG in the last seconds of the last one). Amazing. I would have bet RL money that we would have lost by the third one, especially since it was Undead last and we had almost no items.

COR XP static was last night, but it didn't go so hot. Not fault of our own, but we had another party camp on us. Fighting for pulls sucks ass and makes for a stressful night (to me, some people get off on that). Especially annoying because COR has only one way to sleep and it kept resisting. >< Whatever. We got to 62, should hopefully hit 63 next week.

This was from the other party. Thrilling:

From Besieged: I see you...

I bought a totem pole for Chaser. Is that not the biggest, ugliest thing ever?

And lastly, BG humor came to Besieged:

That actually made me laugh out loud. :P (Non-BG folks might not see the humor, sorry. Playing off the Cinnamon Crunch cereal motto is one of the current running jokes.)
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