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So torn... and dirty! (link)

So torn yet so amused! I hate hate hate David Spade so much. Seriously, he's one of my most hated actors ever! Yet I love the whole World's Dirtiest Film advertising campaign. And look, the movie is finally finished! The World's Dirtiest Film. Um. Probably NWS. No nakedbits shown, and the "dirty" is in fact dirty, but it's also, um, suggestively dirty as well!

The Internet-submitted films are too amusing, too:

Chocolate Love: A man finds love in a parking lot (teehee).

Chick Fight may be the best of them all (and big chunks of it were used in the final movie).

The Balance. I don't really get the title, but I love the music and the story in it.

Last one I'll link, because I could link them all! zBabes from Beyond the Grave: Axe can even help you with zombies!

The production quality on some of these fan-made ones are just amazing (Chick Fight and zBabes, for example).
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