Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Wings day two: A break from all the walking, AKA: please wait for the next available NPC (FFXI)

Spoilers for world details/general stuff. No story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Yesterday I was somewhere between 'meh' and 'dislike' on Wings, today it went by the middle point and was somewhere between 'meh' and 'liked'. Still way, way, way, way too much walking on foot. Add on to that that I spent a total of five hours just standing around and waiting for Campaign to end so the NPCs I needed would come back. So much (typical FFXI) time wasting.

There was a lot more good stuff today though, and I accomplished a hell of a lot.

1) Before breakfast, before anything else, I tackled the trip to Sandy. I so so so so so did not want to do it. I hate sneaking and invisibling through aggro mobs more than anything else, and this was a darned long trip requiring just that, so I wanted to get it out of the way. Oddly, surprisingly, the trip was actually reasonable. There were tons of spots to recast sneak/invisible, and I made it in one piece without dying even once!

2) That lead to my first real emotional reaction to the past: Oh my god, Ronfaure got beaten up so badly! I've always loved how amazingly green and alive the forests were, and so to see the dead and twisted trees, the bomb craters, the burnt wood... it hurt. Sandy is quite changed too, and not in a good way. (Religion was so much stronger -- you can actually confess to a NPC! o.O )

#2 made me sad for a different reason: I keep connecting the game to RL. To know that the changes we're seeing in this game are happening in the real world, and that we're a part of it. I can't even imagine. Picture trying to live your normal life with bomb craters around you? Burnt out things? A war-mentality? That really, really hurts.

3) Got my three quested maps! Yay! And, other than the 5 hours of standing around, they were easy to do.

4) Did my first "Assault" campaign thing. Get this: I had to turn in one ash log. My reward? 90 XP and 480 allied notes. o.O

5) I took part in my first "Besieged" campaign thing. Sort of. Signed up for the event, put reraise up, turned a corner, and was promptly jumped by 50+ mobs. Once they wondered off I reraised and unflagged myself. Somehow made 200 XP and 100 allied notes just from being killed and having had unnatural things done to my body by a gang of orcs. o.O

Seeing Sandy was a big turning point in Wings for me. My home. Seeing the massive reward for so little effort also helped a lot. :P

Plans for tomorrow: Going to Windy, probably/maybe. Hopefully figuring out Besieged-Campaign better (for some reason I can sign up to do it in EN but not in Ronf o.O ).
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