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Wings day three: I'll never Besieged again! (FFXI)

View of Wings: Rising.

Started the day with a run to old Bastok. Not fun by any stretch of the imagination, but an easier run than to Sandy. Tomorrow I have to do Windy. :/ At least after that I'll be done (sort of). I still need the three "middle" maws, I'll have the Jeuno and newbie zone ones -- the important ones.

Nai joined me and we did the last Sandy quest-mission-thing together. The little elvaan kids are so cute! Such great characters, I love the whole Young Griffins storyline. (Great rewards, too!)

Pashhow Marshlands were very pretty in the past, but unfortunately are filled with big horrible monsters. This dragon thing is new. Also, the orange slugs live there.

Pixies, on the other hand, are the best mobs ever. They "aggro" you when you're hurt or dead and cure or raise you! Thanks for the cure IV, little pixie!

The last, and biggest, part of the day was spamming Campaign. While it could be a tad deathy, it's the most amazing thing. It's like they took Besieged, removed all the annoying/bad parts, and set it on endless replay.

For me, one of the big downsides of Besieged is the time vs reward. I could max my reward in 5-10 minutes, but I'm required to stay there an hour to get it. That's just silly. (Yeah, yeah, defending the Candysense, whatever.) In Campaign, the reward cap is lower (600 XP), but you can collect it whenever you want. So if you think you're getting close to the 600 limit, go collect your reward (unflag) and the reflag and start collecting more.

I made 4,000 limit points amazingly easily in just a couple hours. The Candysense was lost to the Undead last night, but I really don't care. Look at it this way: I stayed up until after 1:30 AM, a full hour spent in Besieged, for 700 XP (half usual because we lost). Campaign you can do anytime you like, for more reward, in less time, easier.

The small downtime to this is XP static. Based on what I'm hearing from others, most folks agree with the whole 'campaign > besieged' idea. The lack of a candysense is going to make XPing a bit slower, though it'd be really cool to switch and XP in the past instead.

Lastly, I did the quest for the Trainee Gloves, the ones with the latent bone +1 skill. No clue what triggers the latent yet though.

Tomorrow: Windy, ho! And more Campaign!
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