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Wings day four. Thistle, "OMG! I love this!" SE: NERF! (FFXI)

How amazingly typical is it? Yesterday I said how much I loved Campaign, how much the reward rocked. Today? SE nerfed it harder than I've seen anything nerfed before. In one change, it's hardly worth doing anymore. :/

I did Campaign for five hours today, made four different attacks. Grand total reward? 800 XP.

Word on message boards is that it no longer matters what you do, just how long you remain flagged to do it. This would explain why I made the tail end of an attack, did damage, took damage, cast a spell... yet got 0 reward.

Add on to the near-worthless reward how hard it is for some jobs... A two-handed weapon user can hardly get a swing in before the mob dies, plus the weapon delay means you won't be hitting the next mob before it dies. Even with /WHM, I died hard and died fast (wait 25 minutes for the attack to happen, die in the first 10 seconds, that happened twice!). Though I suppose that doesn't matter much if all that counts is how long you remain flagged? :/

I just can't believe how hard this got hit. Day and night difference.

In other news, I made it to Windy! Easiest trip of all three. I'm glad I did it how I did and got the hardest one done first (Sandy), then next hardest (Bastok), then easiest. Tomorrow I'll probably go get the last the maws I don't have... or two of them. I dread going back to the Jugner one.

Lots of screenshots tonight, as requested!

When people said that Windy newbie zone had toads, I thought they meant doom toads... o.O

I got the last "mission" done and boy do I love this kitty character! I think just about everyone knows her name and that she's in the expansion, but I won't say it out here just in case. Text in the screenshot contains her name.

This is some darned nice armor, but I don't know what it is. Maybe made for NPCs?

Apparently any mob in the game can show up at Campaign. o.O That surprised me quite a bit. And killed me, too! Apparently they have a taste for DRK blood.

Unique Campaign mob, heh! Fomor wearing totally different clothing! I couldn't get a good shot of it, but had missed the /say text until I saw the screenshot, heehee.

How cool is this? After the downtime this morning, I had the server to myself for almost a full minute!

And on to Old Windy! The city took a distressingly lot of damage. :/

I stumbled into a quest in Old Windy. Apparently mithra abused their children in the past. :( Yes, spank your child with a metal glove on. Gah. :( And after beating her child, we got to this scene: Gods above, what kind of mother are you, lady? >< I hate it when you can't interact with NPCs in the way that your character would. Thistle would NOT have just stood around and watched that. ; ;

Oh well. Since Campaign is no longer a must do 24/7!!!one!!!, maybe I'll go see a movie tomorrow or Wednesday. Candysense is still gone, and suddenly I care a bit more about that. c.c
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