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Campaign is a great way to die without losing XP... except for when you do (FFXI)

What a long, busy day! zzzz SE "adjusted" Campaign again, and it's closer to being okay. The reward isn't OMG good, but it's high enough to be worth doing -- a fair balance.

And do it I did! 10 hours straight today. zzzzzzzz

Unfortunately I found a bug in it that cost me some XP. If you forget to flag, you can still fight the campaign mobs and be killed... but you lose XP for it (not to mention, don't get your reward). What it should do is automatically flag you if you hit an event mob -- or just not let you do it.

However, on the plus side, I made more than 11K XP and about 6K AN, giving me my third merit and over 10K AN. I spent my merits on another MP boost, so that I could cast reraise while weakened on DRK (that helps so so so much! Lets me get right back into the fight instead of sitting and waiting to unweaken).

I'm still very, very confused on how points are figured. It sure as hell is not the same way Besieged's are. There were times when I did hundreds of HP of damage, took lots of damage, cast spells (including curing people) and got next to zero reward. Other times I ran in, died, reraised at the end, and got lots of points.

I set a new record for fastest death ever. I usually get to at least draw my weapon and take a swing!

This amused me. Wake me up? Death will do that, I suppose?

Old Sandy is so so so so religious, it scares me on a regular basis. Sometimes I wonder if SE is basing this stuff on RL...

So it's wrong to take a life... unless it's someone we don't like! Please please please stop mirroring RL so much!

And the last bit amused me so much. You know an attack is going bad when wolves kill all the people and then start eating your house! (If they kill all the PCs, whatever mobs that are attacking will then attack your building. It looked like the wolves were chewing on the walls!)

With "Besieged" basically happening 24/7, it's so hard to get other things done. :/ I didn't do Hot & Cold today (I think I'll be dropping that off my list of daily work) and I didn't mule of half the stuff I got in chocobo digging. I try to tell myself it's okay not to attend because it IS 24/7 and will be there when I'm done, but that doesn't help much. Don't want to eat! Don't want to sleep! Don't want to go to work! Must save the world!
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