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FFXI: Merits and expansion packs

Since Wings came out, I've been running around and just doing without sitting down and thinking. This lead to a costly mistake tonight on bonecrafting mule Kat (but at least I didn't spend 40K of her 60K GP on a key item before I spotted my error!). So it's time to plot some stuff out...

Kat's goal: Bone 80, for reraise items.
Irony: I stopped doing H&C, so now I don't get the special coral anymore. c.c Should go back to it.
She really only needs to get to 75. 75 + 2 + 3 = 80.

Has 60K GP now. Apron would permit stopping leveling one level sooner (75/76). Probably should still get another 40K for the key item to make reraise foo.

Tigerfangs cap at 79, can probably finish on those, but have 8 stacks of wyvern scales. Tigerfang skilling = nearly breakeven gil-wise though.

So not leveling another crafting mule after this. Blah.

I've also been wanting to plot out merits. Before Wings, I got most of my merits (47 of them!) from Besieged. Eh, assuming I'm counting out merits right. I did four HP increases so that would count as 10 (1+2+3+4), right? Not 4? I hope I'm counting them right, because 47 from (almost) Besieged alone is pretty impressive! (Roughly 5 of them came from Campaign, but I'm not sure of the exact number.)

I'm sitting on five unspent ones now as well, and I have no idea where to put them. The DRK job specific merits are majorly meh, and I wouldn't spend a merit point on BRD if you gave it to me for free.

Evasion and crit hit up are capped.
HP has 4 increases and MP 3.
Marksmanship has 4 increases (for COR), but I'm not sure about putting 4 more into it.

Enmity down is semi-tempting, but what if I wanted to level a tank job? I know you can un-spend them, but they're lost that way. Plus, there are a surprising number of times I actually want hate on DRK.

Enemy crit hit down is vaguely tempting, but not really. A normal hit to my DRK is basically a crit hit.

Greatsword/scythe? Big old: Meh.

STR has only one merit in it now, because the idea of spending six (and then nine!) merits for one point of increase makes me cringe. However, until COR hits 75 (forever from now), I really have no place else to put them...

I wish there was a "general damage down" thing to merit (not just crit hit). I'd feel silly meriting VIT though.

It's odd having so many merits and no where I really want to put them...


I keep wavering back and forth on Wings. I sure do wish it had some "magic" to it. On one hand, it's super great to be able to come home at lunch and make 1-2K XP -- that's an amazingly great improvement for WoW FFXI! But on the other, that's all the expansion really has. The zones are nice and the new cities are nice and the new music is nice, but there's no "Wow!" factor at all for me.

Today I went into Al Zahbi for the first time in almost a week and I started grinning. That darned wide smile stayed on my face for a good ten minutes! What a wonderful, pretty, beautiful, special city that is! So exotic and exciting and new even after all this time! Why doesn't Wings get some sort of reaction like that from me?

I'd trade all this free XP and easy merits for the excitement of when we first got ToAU.
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