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Silly game, going down! (FFXI)

Boo five hours of downtime. At least it came near the end of the night instead of early on!

Wish wish wish I had gotten a screenshot of this: Last night I bought a HP merit (10 more HP), today I was in a battle and ended up living with 7 HP! Ha!

Unfortunately, before getting flagged in Campaign, I got killed by a Campaign mob. I was just standing there, trying to get flagged to join. >< Another R1 death on DRK due to Campaign. So not right! Stupid bugs.

On the plus side, got another merit tonight! My goal is one merit per night, most nights (exceptions being nights I have other stuff to do, XP static/Assault static/RL).

Cool yagudo NM from yesterday! Nice armor! Even earrings!
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