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Productive day (RL, FFXI, RL)

Nice, quiet, relaxing birthday day, but productive as well!

On the RL end I slept in to almost 8 AM! That's rare for me. Eventually ordered a yummy pizza and mostly played FFXI. Perfect way to spend my birthday, to me! :)

FFXI end of things, spent half the day camped out in Old Jugner doing campaigns as they happened. Made 20K XP almost on the nose! Two merits today with two yesterday and one each of the two days before = 6 merits. Spent them on STR. (Decided I'd finish STR before weapons, since STR helps both DRK and COR, but GS would help only DRK.)

I did lots of skilling yesterday and today, which lead to:

She's all done skilling! Now she just needs her apron and then I'll be done with her totally. Eh, apron and key item. 140K GP needed, she's at 70K. Thistle needs 200K GP, is at 98K. Will be so so so so happy when guild turn-ins are done forever (again).

For gbeans:

The meat thing was a joke about a conversation hours earlier. I have a piece of lynx meat in my bazaar for 99,999,999 and he asked about "my meat". Anyway, I wasn't in his party or anything, just in the same zone as him. No conversation before that, that was the first tell after he died.

Lastly, apparently I need to watch more boxing! Their lips about to touch, while in the background lurks someone very happy about their newfound relationship...
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