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Screenshots! (FFXI)

Quickie screenshots, since if I don't stay on top of these they pile up.

FFXI imitates RL, sort of:

I never noticed this before! And I don't know if it's just the NM orc warmachine or if it's all of them. When it dies, parts fall off of it, including eee, look at the little paw! Isn't that surprisingly cute? Orcs shouldn't do cute things!

Broke 100K AN tonight:

And lastly but amusingly, I took this screenshot, edited it, saved it as hot_NPC.jpg because she totally is, then I saw that on this exact date in 2005 I uploaded an image named HotRaka - Raka is also an NPC! Two hot NPC screenshots on the exact same day.

Today started out rough (Comcast was down for nearly an hour when I got home), but with good luck and good Jugner Campaigns, I accomplished today's goal! Finished yesterday's merit (couldn't do it yesterday because of XP static) and got today's! If I get another tomorrow, I'll be able to spend them and will be one increase away from finishing another category. It's amazingly odd to think about it, but if Campaign doesn't change I could actually cap all my merits. Wouldn't that be freaky? I wonder if COR will hit 75 before I actually have to start thinking about BRD merits. c.c
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