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Warrior books and FFXI

FFXI first! I'm bored of Campaign. I've done it pretty much nonstop since Wings came out, so it was just a matter of time until I got bored. I had been wanting to try XPing BST in the new zones (I could XP BST 22 right outside of Old Sandy! How cool is that!), but it didn't work out at all.

The mobs were all EP--... except the T beetles and the IT goblins. c.c So I'd spend 10 minutes throwing every single EP-- (including worms) at the T beetles and hope they killed it before I died. I ended up with 600 XP in the hour I worked (mostly from EP-- vs EP--) and gave up. Annoying, boring, amazingly slow XP! Campaign is boring, but at least it's neither annoying nor amazingly slow.

Went back to Campaign for the rest of the day. Made about 25K total XP. Finished one merit and got two more. At least I'm nearly done now!

HP/MP: Done. (5 HP, 3 MP.)
Attributes: Only thing not done. (2/5 STR done.)
Weapon Skills: "Done" (16/20, where I'm leaving it so I have room if I level another job.) 4 great sword, 4 evasion, 4 marksmanship. Edit: Er. Math is hard. That's 12/20. c.c Maybe I'll do 2 more marksmanship/GS...
Magic Skills: Have none, but don't need any? Do dark magic for DRK? Donno, mage stuff is confusing.
Other: Done. (4 Critical Hit Rate, 4 Enemy Critical Hit Rate)

The three STR I have left all cost 9 each, so 27 merits for that. After that I suppose I have to look at job-specific merits for DRK...


Warrior Books. I've mentioned before that I'm doing a Great Rereading Campaign -- rereading every single book I own so I can get rid of things I don't like anymore. (I've had some of my paperbacks for 20+ years and some of them I haven't read since I bought them!) I put it off and put it off, but finally reread the Warrior series.

All you MUSH folks remember how much I hated that series? How it made me froth at the mouth? Oddly, I kind of liked it this time. A lot. A whole lot. Midway through it, I hit Amazon and ordered every other Warrior book she wrote. c.c

I still had a few of the same issues with the books. I do not believe that a group of cats living in the wild would have a "medicine cat", and there's no way in hell cats could make necklaces of dog teeth and wear dog teeth over their own claws to both walk around with and fight in. I also somewhat had an issue with the whole Star Clan part (but I could overlook this part easiest of all). Still, even with those issues, I enjoyed it a heck of a lot and I'm annoyed that the new books aren't due to arrive until 12/31. :P

They're quite firmly in my "save" pile now. :)
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