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Screenshots... and a story! (FFXI)

So there I was, bored out of my mind Campaigning, when achika_soladia /tell'ed me asking if I wanted to wrangle a worm. After blushing like a schoolgirl at her outrageous flirting, it became clear that she meant kill an actual mob. And kill it we did! ...eventually and with a few deaths. :D

I'm not sure if that counts as a HNM, but yay! My first big-mob title! By the end we had 18 people, though one was a clueless taru asking us over and over how to get to the past and then having to run because he didn't have that most basic maw. But even with the many randoms we had picked up, we killed it! Yay!

At one point the taru PLD died and the worm decided it was time for Thistle Snacks. I died once, but no worries! I tried to get a shot of its full body so people could see what it looked like, but it was hard since most of my time I was trying to stay at its side. (Behind was bad, it did some kind of tail attack.)

No drop of course (it has no drops), but yay title!

And other screenshots~

You've heard of the Circle of Life? How about the circle of death~? Looks like the mob we were fighting exploded, but it was really a passing Warmachine.

This freaks me out every time I ride by it: Am I the only person who sees a face here? I copied that box and painted it next to it -- it's hard to outline things with a mouse! It looks like a cross between a rabbit and a viking to me...

I don't keep weather turned on enough, look how pretty and realistic that sky is!

And man, I <3 gnoles! Best mobs in the game. Coolest design ever! And don't mind the dead me under his paws.
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