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The FFXI part of the day...

My first event of the day set the tone for the whole day: Since getting the snowmen (ice energy and mega-storage), I set about to rearranging my moghouse. I had WAY too much stuff in it -- well over what I needed for 80 storage. (Part of it was to balance the energies but part of it was also because I liked how it looked.) I spent two hours rearranging and muling stuff, buying and reselling stuff, trying to get my house to the minimum amount I needed for 80 storage and ice energy as well as in some kind of shape that I could live with. In the end I hated it and put it almost exactly back how it was (one bookshelf switched for one 9-drawer almirah and four fish tanks sent to a mule). What a waste of time, except that the almirah-thing looks a lot better with those ice energy lamps I have -- reminds me a lot of Al Zahbi, enough to make me homesick. :}

After that I did my daily game-work and a quest to kill time -- anything to keep me from Campaigning. I'm so not in the mood for that anymore.

As static time grew close I packed and got all excited and happy and bouncy... then it was called off. Unpacked and spun my wheels more.

Eventually I decided to try to skill great axe (not really needed, but DRK can do it so whatever). I had heard tell about skilling on fortifications during offensive campaigns, so I headed to CN_S to try it out. Apparently the fortifications there are only level 35. >< I can't see GC or EN being different level, and when is some other zone going to fall to beastmen, so so much for that plan. Since I was there and it was a pain to get to (and since I had nothing else to do and was annoyed) I stayed there and flagged and beat on the fortifications. Made about 12K XP in a couple hours. o.O Felt like yet more wasted time, but this time it wasn't.

If not for the RL end of things (cooking rice! And getting cleaning done!) this would have been one of those horrible days where I felt like I might as well have been at work. :/
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