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Animal Crossing Update

I know this will interest few people, but it's been in my head all night so I'm typing it up in hopes of getting it out and burning off a little restlessness.

After only having time to play a few minutes (and between poses) yesterday, I had unlimited time tonight. Not only did I get to relax and play, I made some major accomplishments:

* Finally, after an extra week over the original 15 days, I got my Golden Axe. Woo woo. Now I can say to hell with keeping my town perfect! (Though I still pull weeds religiously, but this leads to the third point...)
* I got the final painting I needed, now that wing of the museum is completed! Yay! Done with paintings and fossils! I need to wait on bugs and fish till the rest of the year strolls on by, but still. Woo!
* Related to the first point, now that I can landscape at will, I started the process of turning a good eighth of my town into flower gardens. I cut down all the trees (with my Golden Axe, baby) and dug up all the stumps (with my Golden Shovel!), and planted about 60 flowers. Seeing how you can only buy 6-8 flowers a day, this was a really food start. And man, it looks really nice, too. And we're talking with snow on the ground! Just wait till spring and summer come, my gardens will *rock* and I'll attract tons of bugs (a good thing!).

My orchards are coming along well, as is my non-fruit forest, but I need to put more time into the quarter of my town furthest from Nook's and the Dock. It mostly gets ignored since it's far enough away from both of those places to make carrying fruit a pain. I'm not sure what I'll do with it though... maybe clear cut it...

After a couple of months of never traveling from Canada to Mexico to preserve my town population as it was, I decided it was time to get some new blood in. I now have about half of my town population new. Unfortunately both of my wolves moved out, and Chief had been my favorite villager. Ah well, he's moved out twice before. Maybe he'll come back again. (I've taught Chief to say many things, but his current thing, Esse, is my favorite.)

I'm really happy with AC, but restless in general. I'm itching to get my teeth around some new big plot or storyline or something. I'm GMing on Friday, and have no time to do anything before that, but I still *want* to...
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