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Pictures, books, and FFXI (mostly RL)

I have no idea what this is a picture of, but it's pretty darned cool: Toys? Bats? Odd animation? Whatever it is, it makes me happy. It looks kind of like flying people!

The second picture has to be totally fake, but it's amazingly cool. Armor for cats! That'd be so cool if it really "worked" (if a poor cat wouldn't go crazy in it). Battle cats, attack!

Books! It's been a long time since I was so excited about an Amazon order arriving, but it contained my Raised By Wolves books! Misleading title, they're about pirates! Recommendations on my flist made it sound really, really interesting and a good match to my tastes. I'm almost done with my current book, then can start in on them!

Also arrived A Strong and Sudden Thaw. Isn't that an amazing title? My second favorite after The City, Not Long After. Amusingly, the two books are about similar things (post-apocalyptic societies). The cover art for A Strong and Sudden Thaw is really nice, but I'm having trouble finding a good picture of it online. It's so subtle... This is the best I can find, but it's not good enough. The pine needles are sharp, clear, and totally realistic, and the 'dragons' are like shadows on the snow.

FFXI: I'm really sorry I got burned out on RDM, it's quite the interesting job (outside of parties). It's soooooooooo strong, I can't believe how much better I do on it than I do on DRK. My MP pool is twice as deep, and if I ever run out there's convert! So many defensive spells. So much curing power! Such an interesting job.

Hit RDM 65 and got halfway to 66. Probably won't hit 66 until Wednesday though, as COR static is tomorrow.

Tired now. I'm in a 'not sleeping' period which is really annoying. zzz
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