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What's next? (FFXI)

RDM is @500 to 74 and should be 75 by the weekend. kamalloy teasingly asked me what I would do next; as RDM merits won't take long, that's a darned good question.

I broke down the jobs list to try to find something I could work on after RDM. Least liked are lowest, not counting the ones that are done:

Meh: Beastmaster, Paladin

Don't hate but can't be bothered to level: Blue Mage, Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Ranger, Samurai, Summoner, Thief, Warrior, White Mage

Zero interst in: Black Mage

Won't ever touch: Dancer, Puppetmaster, Scholar

(Done/can't do: Bard, Corsair, Dark Knight, Red Mage)

The most level-through-Campaign friendly on the list are probably WHM and PLD, maybe BLU (and probably PUP, but never). I don't want to ever deal with coffer/keys for AF again, which is another nudge towards BLU (though I could also wait until 75 to do AF, though PLD (and WHM?) AF is sort of useful).

Since I did RDM 64-75 through Campaign, it might be an interesting challenge to try to take something lower than 64 to 75 through Campaign only. PLD would be the likely choice for that (it's 20-something now, I think), but the problem is that leveling a job like PLD through Campaign-only would be silly. Well okay, leveling almost any non-DD job through only Campaign is kind of silly. skillz, can i has sum? (Darned lolcats, "can I has" doesn't even ping as wrong in my head anymore.)

I thought maybe 500K AN could be a goal, but I'm at 463K now and I'll hit 500K sometime in the middle of RDM merits, so that's out the window.

I'll sit and watch my moogle spin before I deal with random parties, so leveling something the traditional way isn't an option. Meh soloing though, it's slow and I'd tend to die too much.

So, friends and neighbors, what do I work on next? Every job I can work on is level 38 or below, so on that they're all about even. Maybe DNC would be the most Campaign-friendly one, but I can't put into words how much I hate seeing everyone flailing around as /DNC -- I don't know if I could stand doing it myself. And I will never, ever, ever, ever wear DNC AF. Ever.
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