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New sig (FFXI)

I've gotten really tired of my old sig, so I've been spending too much some time making a new one. Plus the new jobs and all... only problem is COR static probably won't hit 75 until summertime, but I can't wait that long for a new sig!

My goal was a nice, simple, clean small sig. I originally wanted just the hats, but I couldn't figure out how to do that in model viewer, but it turns out the heads work too.

But COR isn't 75 yet! So...

I have one for every level 66-74. I tried making the 'note' smaller, but it lost too many details. The 'tape' (can you tell that's what it's supposed to be?) lost all its details when I shrunk it down (originally it had jagged edges and such). I wish the note had worked smaller, it seems a little too distracting big?

Opinions/things needing changes/comments? I'm not going to start using it until RDM hits 75, so I still have a couple days to work on it if needed.
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