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WHM foo (FFXI)

I need another new icon. c.c

The whole night was WHM night. @1K to 42. Reward's getting better and better even though I haven't hit the 45 'cap' (whatever you want to call it) yet. I'm kind of feeling my way towards getting more reward.

The whole WHM thing makes me sort of :/ though. I don't think of myself as a WHM! I'm a DD! ...nevermind that two of my three other 75 jobs are RDM and BRD.

I bought a holy breastplate tonight for yay defense and gbeans tipped me a holy shield for some crafting I did for her. I can feel the shield stalking me from my safe. "50, Thistle! WHM 50! Use me!" The idea of me being WHM 50 is kind of freaky though... let alone 75.

The amusing part of the night was doing my WHM AF1. I had read that the mob was actually hard, unlike other AF1 mobs. I read a RDM 73's tale of nearly dying to it, so I was going to take no chances. I used my fellowship NPC and every buff I had. Rested to full. The RDM 73 said the fight went long enough that he had to convert twice! So I wanted to start with full MP! Clicked the ???... and the stupid mob couldn't even touch me. I took about 20 HP damage total the whole fight. So silly!

I got my hammer, but the whole AF quest made me frowny. Stupid storyline, no being in religious places! And stop blessing me! Not in the mood for that. ><<
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