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My Proud Penis (AKA: NationStates News)

Being of the female persuasion, I'm lacking a penis. I do, however, enjoy posing as if I had one!

In my NationStates region, we have a troublesome country. The "Republic of The Arians"(sic) is rather hated. We've been trying to get them to move out through oral sex!

The Fiefdom of Ecnarf posted:
Nations of Zanzibar,
Ecnarf would like to hold a survey:

Would all those who feel The Republic of Arians suck long hard cock please come forward and aim for their blue eyes and blond hair.

A couple states posted with sort of boring 'Suck it long and hard Arians.' and 'The Arians most definitely enjoy entertaining penises.'. I tried to be more creative!

I posted:
The Confederacy of Habari would very much enjoy the soft, girl-like lips of the Republic of The Arians around Habari's proud, manly cock.

Suck it, bitches.
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