Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Kids and Insults

In the last two days I've been called a fascist, a Nazi, Hitler, and now a capitalist. The first three were because I got annoyed at someone typing in all-caps. The last one was over this debate of limiting free LJ users' posts per day. Tell me where the logic is in this?

Part of my posted comment on the matter:
You get what you pay for, kids.

You don't put money towards LJ? Then you should expect to be limited. Put the extra resources towards people who pay their way.

I voted yes on 'Is 5 posts/day for free users more reasonable?', but only because there was no better answer. I think it is /too/ reasonable. Limit the free users to hell and back, then they'll start paying to get higher limits, more services, etc.

The reply from some random person: lj is going to lose users because of that.

My reply: To be blunt: So? What do free users contribute towards the running of things? Nothing. What do free users offer to help pay for servers? Nothing. Free users are leeches. That may not sound "nice", but it's the truth of the matter.

Her reply: once again, a capitalist who cares for nothing but money and financial support. I understand that the servers are bogged and that is difficult. Apparantly becuase people have money means they are better people and more worthy. That's a load of crap if I have ever heard it...

And mine, the final one: Uh... You *do* understand that running LJ costs money? So you are claiming that other people should pay to support you? Or that the people who run LJ should pay for everything out of their own pockets? Why?


I really feel like banging my head against the wall.
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