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Screenshots! (mostly FFXI)

As I have to lock RL stuff and would rather not lock FFXI stuff, I'll post about RL stuff tomorrow (which will also work to let people know I haven't fallen over dead yet). The issue mentioned in paragraph six of this locked post took place today, and as you can probably guess, I'm home and okay. :)

FFXI! Once I do my Campaign:Ops tomorrow I'll have completed all of them except one! (Need a beastman owned outside Sandy place for that one.) Not counted are the ones you can't solo, so there's a handful I'll have to catch up on if Ops go the way of Assaults and you get something for finishing them all (and I bet that's how it'll be).

Campaign battles have such interesting NMs showing up! So much story potential!

Eurytos wandered by from Delkfutt's Tower. He didn't use a bow, but had a KC!

Even though he kills me lots, Kaiser Behemoth is the sexiest mob around!

Now, want story potential? Raigegue R d'Oraguille is full of it! He must have been an elf from Sandy, but how'd he end up like that? (Hm, apparently he was an old king of Sandy. "Wolfking Raigegue", he took part in The Second Battle of Konschtat.)

I love the humor in FFXI. In one of the ops, you have to do surveillance on the orcs. The elf NPC gives you the info, but is impatient about it... and amusing! "Get to it!", he says. Then goes on...

And lastly, my mule found his soulmate!
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