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I must be feeling better, because I've gone crazy! (FFXI)

I made a big turn-around RL this afternoon and suddenly have energy! Life! And I've been such a slacker on-game lately! Not to mention I'm so bored with Campaign that I really really couldn't make myself go. And... well... I've kind of been itching to start another crafting mule... But crafting mules take a lot of prep! So I did it all tonight.

Started with a raw mule:

Ran him to Jeuno.
Bought airship pass.
Bought Whitegate access.
Got teleported to the middle of the Woods. c.c Snuck my way to Whitegate.
Did missions.
Got locker!
Enlarged locker!
Took a number of ferry trips, ending up in Selbina.
Took an hour (gah) to feed 19 stacks of moss to sheep.
Back to Jeuno! Max fame!
Gobbiebag quests 1-8 done.

So I guess tomorrow Fishingbot starts woodworking! Zzz now though, so tired.

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